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CALD, COVID and Jeeves.Plus

A little reminder that CALD Australian's want to communicate with your organisation!

Australia's population includes a huge proportion of people who were born overseas, have a parent born overseas, or speak a variety of languages. Together, these groups of people are known as culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) populations.

While there are translators who can be called to interpret, or hired on an hourly basis, they are expensive and not always convenient - especially when you are trying to manage multiple conversations or high traffic enquiries.

Psst! Google Translate just won’t cut it when talking to multiple customers…

What Jeeves.Plus provides:

  • The ability to have a conversation with your customers in 109 languages

  • A cloud-based platform for your customer service team to access and respond to all messages

  • Maintain a history of all messages, in both English and the enquirer’s language

  • Ability to export all conversations

  • Access via SMS, Facebook Messenger and Google Business Messenger

Jeeves.Plus provides a simple, cost-effective platform that allows for consumers to text anyone in 109 languages and have a conversation in their language. You can even start the conversation yourself in their language via our broadcast marketing platform.

Which organisations should use this?

As a Government or Healthcare provider, imagine removing the anxiety and stress related to finding information on COVID vaccination programs.

Or as an online retailer - access an entire new demographic of shoppers who are otherwise unsure which product to purchase.

Whatever your needs, get in touch with a teammember and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.


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