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Once customers know about messaging -
they'll never look back!

How to get started with Messaging

Find out how best to migrate customers from phone calls to messaging in 3 easy steps

Step Two
Update Your Contact Us Page

  • Add your SMS number, and if you're using WebChat, let visitors know they'll get an immediate answer from you there

  • For foreign language speakers, use QR Codes for a universally recognised symbol of communication
    (Jeeves.Plus automatically translates in 133 languages)

Step Three
Broadcast to your customer base

  • Upload your existing customers to the Jeeves.Plus Message Port broadcast messaging platform

  • Send a personalised welcome message to your database. You can personalise their name, a special discount code, or links to your site. You can also broadcast in 133 languages

2BDRB3E (1).jpg
70% of customers want special offers sent via messaging

- Enterprise Apps Today 2022

Want to learn more about messaging?

Get the top tips for migrating from voice to messaging, customer service, and more!

Step One
Choose Your Channels

  • Select the channels that best suit your customer profile. Remember, customers can click-through to WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger via Facebook and Instagram ads

  • SMS is universal, but also consider Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Google Messages, Telegram, Discord, and WebChat

Now, enjoy effortless 

conversation with your customers!

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