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Frequently Asked Questions

Your question not listed? Give us a call or text on 0419 371 555

Which languages does Jeeves.Plus support?

We automatically translate messages in 133 languages! You can download a list of languages here that shows some of the most common languages we translate.

Which platforms can streamline messages into Jeeves.Plus?

Using Jeeves.Plus allows you to bring all inbound messages from multiple platforms, including:

  • SMS

  • Facebook Messenger

  • WhatsApp

  • Google Business Messages

  • Telegram

  • Webchat

  • SMS-to-Webchat


You can then reply from the Jeeves platform, saving time over switching between platforms to reply!

Have another social platform you’d like to link to your Jeeves account? We could make it happen! Have a chat to our team.

Do I supply my own operators?

Yes. If you have existing call centre staff, they can be quickly trained in a matter of hours to utilise the Jeeves.Plus platform using largely the same dialogue they currently utilise for incoming calls.

In some businesses the staff using Jeeves.Plus are those operating in social media comms, reception, conceirge, sales or marketing - this is especially true when using our Broadcast Messaging service.

Your pricing is determined by “per seat”, what does this mean?

“Per Seat” refers to the number of operators using the platform at any one time. It determines the quantity of logins we will supply to your team. If you have two operators using the platform, we call this two seats.

Does messaging take away from the customer’s experience?

Not at all; messaging is quick and easy for customers, but your team can still be their warm and cherry selves when they’re interacting with them!

Don’t just take our word for it: through our testing with the Ethnic Communities Council in NSW we found that over 3 rounds of testing 10 languages, customers overall were very satisfied with the personlised responses from staff, regardless of the language spoken.

Simply put: messaging is just as personalised as calling, but takes far less time and allows more flexibility for the customer and operator alike.

Customer Service Messaging Queries

I have multiple operators - how are incoming messages divided between them?

The Jeeves.Plus platform has been designed to spread the workload out evenly between operators. When an operator logs into their account, they signal the platform that they are ready to receive messages, and inbound queries will begin arriving. If no operators are logged in (such as during your business's after-hours), all awaiting inbound queries will appear once an operator logs back on in the morning, so nothing is missed.

How do I let customers know to message us?

This depends on how your customers are already interacting with you. We suggest the follow approaches:

  • For many organisations it’s as simple as adding the SMS line to your Contact Us page

  • Retail stores will benefit from encouraging customers to reach out on their Facebook Messenger via their Facebook profile.

  • If you are a hotel chain, consider an in-room card or QR code that guests can use from their room or in the hotel’s facilities, such as below:

Broadcast Marketing Queries

Some broadcast messages I’ve sent are reported as “Sent”, while others are reported as “Delivered”. What’s the difference?

Our delivery statuses are fed through directly from the carriers. In most cases, the carrier will return a “Delivered” or “Failed” status within seconds of submission.

The carrier will skip to the next delivery receipt if the handset doesn’t respond immediately and leave the message status as “Sent”. Most messages marked as “Sent” will have their status updated to “Delivered” within 24 hours by the delivering carrier.

The carriers state that 90% of messages remaining as “Sent”, have actually been delivered.

Does the platform integrate with Microsoft?

Yes, our Broadcast Marketing platform integrates with Microsoft programs, meaning you can send messages via:

  • Excel

  • Outlook

  • Teams

We are also fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics, so you can utilise message broadcasts alongside Microsoft's suite of customer management software.​

Example B: A QR Code is ideal for encouraging use of the service with in-person customers.

Example A: Your contact us page could advertise the SMS service in multiple langauges that you commonly encounter.

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