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You will LOSE opportunities and customers if you’re not using this

Updated: May 30, 2022

Basically, if you do not have multilingual messaging as part of your customer communications and acquisition strategy - you will lose opportunities.

Innovative entrepreneurs recognize that providing a great customer experience requires a constant search for new and improved ways to employ technology, data, and operations. This means watching for trends in customer experience and looking for common questions proposed by consumers.

A question like "Why can't I message this company in addition to calling or sending an email?'', is a prime example.

Messages have become an indispensable aspect of everyday life, from social media to iMessage and SMS, radically changing how we communicate with one another.

Every month, 2.5 billion people use Facebook, 1.5 billion people use WhatsApp, Instagram surpassed the 1 billion user mark in 2019, and 330 million people use Twitter. When you consider that 5 billion people still send SMS text messages on a regular basis, the relevance of conversational messaging in business just makes sense.

Customers expect the simplicity and ease of conversational messaging to be part of their experience in an omnichannel era.

But it's also impossible to overlook the reality that, when used appropriately, these conversational communication tools provide a slew of enhanced engagement opportunities and competitive advantages for any consumer-facing business.

Are you ready to start your own conversational messaging adventure? Here's why you should consider using conversational messaging to engage with your customers:

Throughout the consumer lifecycle, messaging supports rich, personalized experiences.

The journey of each client begins with the discovery of a new product or service that fulfills a certain need or desire. Answering product inquiries, clarifying features, and resolving concerns allows you to reassure customers that they are making the best decision possible.

They may require assistance with add-ons, bundles, delivery, discounts, or warranty choices after they've purchased your goods. They may require assistance with set-up or configuration, product usage, or identifying and resolving difficulties during onboarding.

Regardless of where customers are in the customer journey, messaging provides a quick, easy, and seamless way for them to interact with you. It enables businesses to switch from one-way to two-way interaction with their customers, providing a more engaging and enriched experience.

Regardless of location, messaging boosts engagement.

Customers want you to understand that time is now their most valuable commodity. They don't want to be put in a queue and have to wait to speak with an agent unless it's absolutely necessary. They don't want to get a message telling them to call back when the office is open at a later time. All of these issues are eliminated with messaging, allowing the conversation to begin.

Email and phone have long been the go-to customer service channels, but they're increasingly seen as slow, asynchronous, or unnecessarily formal.

Consumers can interact with brands via messaging from anywhere at any time. Whether they're on a train, in a restaurant, or halfway over the world, customers can interact instantly, supply the necessary information, and receive the answers they need in real time.

Multilingual Capabilities and Audience Targeting

If you do not have multilingual capabilities as part of your customer communications and customer acquisition strategy you will lose significant opportunities both in Australia and overseas.

A multi-language option in your conversational message allows businesses to engage directly with new audiences. While you may be located in an English-speaking country, likely you will be missing out on a massive customer base of non-English speakers in your local audience. Further to this, an English-only customer service approach limits your product to English-speaking countries alone - a language spoken by less than 5% of the world!

Globalising your business leads to opportunities abroad and at home. But this approach isn’t limited to inbound requests by customers - you can target specific language groups in your marketing too!

Using a tool such as Jeeves.Plus to send in-language messages to specific audiences can be a powerful way to compete in markets flooded by English-only marketing.

Build your CRM with multilingual messaging capabilities

What Jeeves Plus is trying to combat is companies want to have their teams engage via

their existing CRM like, Pipedrive, Hubspot, and Salesforce have limited messaging capabilities, by example SMS only, and virtually none have multilingual.

CRM-based messaging allows you to handle many leads at once. Distinct tabs for different customers are available on CRM platforms. Each of these tabs can be managed independently, as well as other contacts. For example, if one of your clients has made a purchase and the other wants to unsubscribe from your services, you can write two separate messages and send them to both consumers at the same time.

CRM-based messaging allows you to keep track of all your discussions and deals in one place. This allows you to save time and successfully coordinate amongst different communication channels.

Communicating in the customer's language makes it easier for them to connect with the brand and establish a sense of trust in it.

Bottom line: Customers' expectations must be met by businesses

It doesn’t cost much to utilise a platform that facilitates multilingual conversation - but the results can be astronomical.

Gain a competitive advantage by talking to your customers on the channels they’re using all the time. Communicate quickly in their language, and allow them to chat while they’re on-the-go. Your customers will be left smiling, engaging with you more frequently, and satisfied that your business provides a quality service.

If you think a one-platform solution like Jeeves.Plus is right for your business, you can get an obligation-free quote in minutes at

Or, for tips on how to use a messaging platform more effectively, download a free PDF guide at


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