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Does your help service cater to non-English speakers?

In an emergency or when you need help you call triple zero (000).

But what if English is your second language? Or simply trying to get some support for all the various issues that confront us in this complicated world.

This helpline service should provide support not only in English but also some commonly used languages in Australia such as Chinese, Arabic, Vietnamese, Hindi, and many more.

It gets worse when English is your second language and you are seeking support for depression, feeling suicidal, counseling specifically for children, or any environmental crisis such as flood and accidents.

The problem is there are virtually no support services companies catering to non-English communities in Australia!

Jeeves.Plus was originally designed to assist the hospitality industry communicate with guest where English is a second language, and now it has expanded its all areas of corporate and government to not only address language barriers but to also affect a more streamlined customer service, via the use of messaging.

Messaging is ubiquitous on all mobile devices and a preferred channel of communications for many demographics.

It is the simplicity of the platform that makes it so attractive.

A customer can message in Mandarin, to a dedicated number, in a language of their choice. Your staff member reads it in English and replies. Then the customer sees the response in their language of choice. That's it! It's simple and secure messaging with a reduced cost in engaging with your customers. And it also increases efficiency and opens new opportunities to your multilingual customers and the hearing impaired. As well as it is streamlined to all of your social messaging channels like Webchat, Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, SMS, Google Business Messenger into one platform.

We know helpline numbers are the best initiative to reach out to more people because it is easy to remember, has broad geographical coverage, gateway to other services, immediate access, particularly for 24/7 crisis services. Most of these services use English as the language of communication. But we have to note that some areas in Australia are multicultural, and many speak several languages. Especially in Victoria, more than one million of them speak a language other than English at home.

That is why the Multicultural Victoria Act 2011 was created and it states that "All individuals in Victoria are equally entitled to access opportunities and participate in and contribute to the social, cultural, economic and political life of the state." This also means that the Government departments and agencies are responsible to ensure people with limited English, and people who are Deaf or hard of hearing, are given information in their language.

The solution is to add a Jeeves.Plus to your Help Services providing support in 109 languages. It is the only facility available to provide multilingual support.

Why Jeeves.Plus? 95% of texts are read within three minutes. Conversations are 8x cheaper than a phone call with your operator and you can chat to multiple people at once! Collect data from every interaction - improving your help services and reaching out to more Australians in need.

That capture and service new customers while broadcasting messages to retain them in 109 languages!

If you are ready to integrate Text Message Marketing for Your Business Expansion and added services you can contact David Hayes, Co-Founder of Jeeves.Plus for a product demonstration. Or visit our website and learn how Jeeves.Plus is useful to your business expansion and can improve your customer service experience.


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