Jeeves.Plus is a customer support platform that lets you manage multiple text based conversations with customers, translate to and from 104 languages effortlessly, manages and store useful customer information.

All a customer has to do is simply message a dedicated mobile number or Facebook Messenger account to get the help they need.

In 104 languages! Now Available in 35 countries

How Jeeves.Plus can help your business:

  • Operator Efficiencies - Manage multiple conversations at the same time

  • Easy-to-use cloud based customer service platform

  • Automatic language translation to and from customers (104 languages)

  • Cost Saving – Average cost of text conversation $0.60 vs $4.80 average call cost

  • Full exportable conversation history

  • Build your own customisable SMS library to increase productivity

  • Include rich media links in SMS replies such as surveys, videos, coupons

  • Higher customer satisfaction than phone-based customer support

  • Keywords (AI) triggering an automated response, increasing efficiencies


How your customers benefit:

  • They simply SMS on their mobile, in their own language

  • No waiting on hold, customer can reply at their own convenience

  • Discrete and personal

Why SMS?

Text is simple. In fact, 64% of consumers would rather text for support than make a call if given the choice. Jeeves.Plus makes it easy for teams to manage multiple conversations in multiple languages on a simple, web-based platform.

Today, your customers’ free time is measured in seconds and not minutes or hours. Sending and receiving a text is 10 times faster than placing a voice call. For the consumer, it takes less than five seconds to read most text messages.

Our mission is to empower our clients to talk to their customers on their device, in their own language, anywhere, anytime
— Dave Hayes, Jeeves.Plus Founder

Jeeves.Plus Key Advantages:

  • The simplicity of the CSP (Customer Service Platform) requires very little training

  • Language Translation

  • No consumer downloads

  • Full Conversation History

  • No time pressure for consumer

  • No missed communications

  • No voice or dialect issues

  • Cost savings (Average cost per call $4.80 V Text Conversation $0.60)

  • The operator can manage multiple conversations

  • Data trends

  • Jeeves.Plus CSP includes customizable text library to increase operator efficiencies addressing frequently asked questions.

  • HTML5 Editor is included to allow for the business to build and include rich media links in the response - By Example Surveys, Video's, Coupons etc