David Hayes

Co-founder + CEO

A successful, entrepreneurial and highly creative executive ideally suited to manage an operation with a strong marketing and sales focus. His long career spanned from traditional media, music industry, telco, mobile phone related businesses and IT technology. David was successfully involved in start-up’s, raising capital, turnarounds as well as organising and supervising ongoing operations. He is a people person, very much liked by his peers, subordinates and customers. David has always shown creative strength and the desire to look at alternative development options and solutions for any business. It is his passion to connect, to communicate and to improve in a team focused and connected way. He is a compelling candidate to oversee and manage a small to midsize operations moving them to new levels in a consensual way.

Graeme Campbell.png

Graeme Campbell


Graeme Campbell is a top-performing, solutions focused information technology manager, offering more than fifteen years of demonstrated career success developing and executing operational strategies to promote organisation growth and optimal utilisation of emerging technologies. Recognised as a subject matter expert, regularly serving as a key membership of the leadership team in selling both short- and long-range IT strategies. Expert in leading new product development and application life-cycles. Skilled project management, delivering on infrastructure, systems and complex network deployments. Graeme is known to his colleagues as hard working and showing excellent skills under the highest of pressures. He has a strong focus on projects at hand and continuously demonstrates the ability to get the job done, no matter what challenges arise.

Billi Meltz.png

Billi Meltz

Creative and Design

Billi has completed various degrees including a Bachelor of Design, Masters of Sustainability and more recently completed a Bachelor of Architecture. She brings a unique and creative perspective to Jeeves.Plus. Allowing senior management to learn from an alternative perspective.