How Mr. Tiddles books the local tradie

To compete with apps like Uber and AirTasker, small businesses and service providers need to compete on convenience, the primary reason besides cost people switch to these services. That’s where customers like Mr. Tiddles could benefit from SMS based support to complement regular phone or in-store support. Jeeves.Plus is a customer relationship management platform that allows local businesses to manage multiple SMS-based conversations with customers, translate messages to and from 104 different languages, and save useful customer information.

A few ways your business can use Jeeves.Plus:

  • Invite customers to SMS to book appointments, manage them, and leave feedback.

  • Store important information about each customer in addition to chat histories, creating a seamless interaction between customer and brand.

  • Empower hearing impaired customers to interact with your business without having to visit your premises.

  • Grow your multilingual customer base by taking advantage of built-in translation tools.

Jeeves.Plus is cheaper than call-based customer support, easy to use, and preferred by customers.

How your customers benefit:

  • They simply SMS on their mobile, in their own language

  • No waiting on hold, customer can reply at their own convenience

  • Discrete and personal


Find out why restaurants, tradies, contractors, and other service providers love Jeeves.Plus, and how you can get on board too by scheduling a chat with a Jeeves.Plus specialist