Engaging guests on a personal level, in their language


it's simple

a powerful text (SMS) based personal and conversational guest relationship platform to elevate your guests’ experience regardless of what language they speak, where they are and what they want.


guests don't speak English



guests don't engage in apps



download apps and use once


Benefits to your guests

- Empower them to get help, in or out of hotel.
- They simply SMS on their mobile.
- Converse in their native language.
- Discrete and personal.


Benefits to you


Speak Their Language, Literally!

  • Converse with your guests using their native language using Jeeves’ translation engine.


  • Optional integration with your CRM and hotel system.

  • HotSOS integration by Q1 2019

Help Increase Revenue

  • Recommend partner establishments that suit your guests liking

  • Upsell and cross-sell services

  • Deliver Promotional Messages


  • Reports for all stakeholders

  • Data Mine - e.g., Top Keywords, requests, trends

Extremely Easy to Implement

  • Start using Jeeves in 1 week

  • No Complicated Software customization needed

  • Pay as you go

Security & Audibility

  • Simple Login + Passwords

  • 2-Factor authentication

  • Complete audit trail

  • Restrict IP Address

Improve your Teams Productivity

  • Allow your staff to converse simultaneously with different guests

  • Text Vs Voice Calls - More efficient

  • Broadcast messages when needed

  • Use pre configured message responses

  • Deliver rich media to guest mobile

  • Keyword recognition - Jeeves will send auto responses based on keywords. Example 'Booking

Omni Mobile Messaging (2019)

  • WeChat and Facebook Messaging

Elevate Engagement

  • Converse before, during and after arrival

  • Converse while inside or outside the hotel

  • Know their history, build profile

  • Remove emotional stress by conversing over SMS - not face-to-face, not voice

  • Duty Manager Alerts - elevate action

  • Add personal relationship