How Mr. Tiddles gets cutting edge customer service without cutting edge tech.

We all have SMS messaging on our mobiles, and use it everyday. No apps, no learning curve, all we need to do is type in our message and hit send. Picture customers like Mr. Tiddles getting the support they need on their terms in their own time, and a team of agents just as happy, managing multiple conversations at the same time, chatting effortlessly to them in their native language, and without having to deal with call queues full of stressed out, angry customers.

That’s what we’re here to help you do at Jeeves.Plus. We are a customer support tool that allows you to manage multiple SMS-based conversations with customers, translate messages to and from 104 different languages, and save useful customer information. It’s cheaper than call-based customer support, easy to use, and preferred by customers.

How your customers benefit:

  • They simply SMS on their mobile, in their own language

  • No waiting on hold, customer can reply at their own convenience

  • Discrete and personal

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Find out why retailers, banks, and hospitality business love Jeeves.Plus, and how you can get on board too by scheduling a chat with a Jeeves.Plus specialist