Eliminating barriers from potential customers regardless of their language and location.


it's efficient

A personal & secure Multilingual Text (SMS) based platform empowering full two way conversation with customers regardless of what they speak and where they are located.


customers prefer to text customer sevice



Text messages read in 3 minutes



agree text messages best way to communicate


Benefits to your customers

- Mobile Convenience
- Skip the queue
- Time flexible + Real Time
- Increased environmental privacy
- Eliminates language barrier
- Empowers the Hearing Impaired Community


Benefits To You


Speak Their Language, Literally!

  • Converse with your client using their native language using Jeeves’ translation engine.
  • Increased client reach
  • Eliminate miscommunication
  • Multilingual broadcasts

Security & Audibility

  • Simple Login + Passwords
  • 2-Factor authentication - when required
  • Complete audit trail
  • All messages are sent Onshore
  • Restrict IP Address

Increase Revenue

  • Upsell and cross-sell services
  • Deliver Promotional Messages

Easy to Implement

  • Start using Jeeves in 2 weeks
  • No Complicated Software
  • Pay as you go
  • No Client Downloads
  • No App Downloads
  • Full User Training Available


  • Optional integration with your CRM.

Improve your Teams Productivity

  • Allow your staff to converse with multiple clients in real time from anywhere
  • Texting is substantially more time efficient
  • Use pre configured message responses
  • Deliver rich media to guest mobile
  • Keyword recognition - Jeeves will send auto responses based on keywords.


  • 24/7 user support
  • Business Day Technical Support
  • Documented support escalation process


  • Reports for all stakeholders
  • Data Mine - e.g., Top Keywords, demographics, trends