Introducing Mr Tiddles


It all started when…

From the early days of call-centres to the latest, cutting-edge AI-powered chatbots (, customer support has been an ever-evolving focus in banking and retail. It doesn’t take rocket science to figure out why exceptional customer support matters.

But as high tech as customer support innovation has become and continues to evolve, does it solve the problem of providing exceptional customer support for mobile and time poor consumers? And does it do it in a way that is accessible to those that might not have the latest smartphones to install apps, the tech-savviness of young millenials to talk to a chat bot, or even hearing or vision impaired customers?

Enter SMS

An under-appreciated, under-utilised option that’s been right under our noses for over a decade is SMS. Texting a dedicated number managed by a team of customer service agents all managing multiple conversations at the same time, a customer seeking help can work, commute, Netflix and chill while getting his banking needs sorted. They’d receive an instant message back from an agent, requesting specific details, and resolving most issues within a handful of messages. And after resolving the matter, whether it be a transaction dispute or enabling overseas credit card spending for their next holiday, they’d receive an emailed message with the entire conversation history. The bank even sends a quick “How did we do?” survey by text.